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We offer taste of real life at sea and onshore for all people who would like to find freedom, unusual impressions, adventures and trips. With us you will be able to become the sailor and the traveler. Maybe first time in your life.

Our Facebook's site is: Sailtraveling

Sailtraveling contact person is 
Oleksiy Pylypenko – skipper, cook, guide and driver in one person.

Oleksiy is the adventurer with more than twenty years of travel experience. He likes  trekking, travels on a bicycle and on a car. But the most trips Oleksiy rode on a dual purpose motorcycle. His the longest travel on a motorbike was to the Middle East, around Turkey, Syria and Georgia, in 2008 and had the distance more than 8.000 km.
Last time Oleksiy is traveling mainly under sail. In 2011 he took part at the trip on an old slavic boat replica Rusich and crossed one half of the Indian ocean from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Satun, Thailand (1300 nm). Afterwards Oleksiy studied under the legendary turkish yachtsman Cumhur Gokova and got the qualifications International Bareboat Captain and VHF Radio Operator.
Oleksiy good knows area of the offered trips because he studied there and he practiced regularly near Marmaris. Also he knows many showplaces and their histories. Oleksiy has certificates of primary medicare and rescuing on water.
The skipper is able to helm and to tune a sails without helpers. But if you will be interesting to take part at the sailing like a crew member – he will be glad to teach you to use a helm, ropes and sails.
Oleksiy is combining life on an yacht with minimal running to long distances, with bicycling and with yoga studies.

skype: olexa.pylypenko

phones with Viber and Whatsapp connecting:

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