Lycian Way

For those who are not in a hurry to return home after a week on an yacht we propose to continue the travel and acquaintance with other Turkey on legs. It offers budget hiking on Lycian way.
This is one of the most famous hiking trails, a part of a global top ten. This path got its name from the ancient Lycia state because this path runs on its territory. The trail has more than 500 km between Fethiye and Antalya. Lycian way sometimes runs on mountains, but mostly goes on slopes and on beaches.

On such great distance the traveler would meet here and there sections of dirt roads and paved roads, but most of it will be inconspicuous goat trails, remains of old roads and ancient caravan routes.


Sometimes even have to cross the stone chaos and bare rock. Fortunately the trail is carefully marked. These markers  help to make sure that you are on a right track.

Occasionally path divides into two or even three branches, they are leading to different points and then converge again. At these crossroads are pointers.

Variety of landscapes additionally saturate picturesque ruins of ancient and medieval period that provides a unique blend of impressions each day of the trip.

Lycian tombs

The remains of the Byzantine Church

An abandoned several decades ago Greek village

The ruins of a Byzantine fortress Kalabantia

The ancient reservoir in one of the villages

The remains of the Lycian fortress Pydnai

Patara (birthplace of St. Nicholas Myra)

The path is runs so to avoid the cities, but every 15-25 km is possibility to visit a village. In the settlements you can find a grocery, a dining and an overnight shelter if it is necessary.

Dining room with a typical camping on the Lycian way

The traditional Turkish breakfast

Lunch with beautiful views

Rest of time nothing prevents to communication with nature. In Turkey there are no legal obstacles anywhere to put up tents and kindle fire.

The hiking dinner

The dinner with campfire and bay view Karacaoren

Sometimes you can find empty shacks beekeepers and shepherds

Therefore is available to choose: autonomous trekking or hiking with overnight stay at a camping and food in canteens.
For overcome the whole distance of Lycian way need one month or even more time. Therefore usually go sections 100-150 km per week time. Bus transport in Turkey is very developed. This makes it easy to start trip and return from the route on whatever point. Usually we start the travel in Fethiye and move eastward. In our opinion this is the most interesting section of the trail.

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