Recreation on a yacht

Yachting is the most beautiful way to have relaxation at sea. The widespread mistake is think about a yachting like a upmarket holiday. Perhaps it was in past. But now cost of a cruise on a sailing yacht is equal or even lower than a traditional hotel and beach recreation. So for the same money instead of one beach and one landscape out of a window you are able to get freedom of movement, possibility to choose every day new places for swimming, walking, fishing and snorkelling. Perhaps no exist other forms of recreation that are able to so harmoniously combine opposites: sport and travel, adventure and comfort, relaxation and tension.
Fly over the waves with an accompaniment of wind's whistling into a rigging, with sail's flapping and with water's gurgling. Catch the salt spray on a face. Take part for a control of a sailboat. Swim at sea at kilometer depth. Communicate with dolphins. Fishing and snorkeling. Wait a sunrise in quiet and deserted bays . Dine with sense of pleasant fatigue after a day of fighting against a wind and waves. Walking on foot around picturesque gulfs and canyons. Visit mysterious ruins of ancient castles and palaces where cannot access another way than on an yacht. All these things are not exotic in our tours, but usual events.

Why Turkey?
Turkish Mediterranean's and Aegean's seaboards are remarkably beautiful sight. This is the land of countless small bays, peninsulas and islands.

We can find a comfortable bay in any place on the coastline for several hours if there is such a need . The most interesting for yacht's cruises is a part of the coast between Bodrum and Fethiye. This seaboard co-called "Yacht's paradise". Approximately on middle of that area placed Marmaris. It's the point of beginning and end of our travel .

What can we see the interesting?
Turkish coastline abounds in natural and cultural attractions. Owing to the relative difficult access to coastal valleys they have many unique natural features. The most interesting are the following places: Dalyan river mouth is the place of living and breeding giant turtles caretta-caretta; Butterfly Valley is the very spectacular canyon with a waterfall; attractive bay Oludeniz is the local Dead Sea.

The mouth of the river Dalyan

Butterfly Valley


Cultural attractions are mostly buildings and their ruins of ancient Greek and Byzantine eras. Also sometimes you can see knight castles of the Crusades period. The most common sights of the ancient Greek era. This is not surprising - it is here on the coast of Asia Minor were the most largest ancient Greek cities of Ephesus, Pergamum, Miletus, Halicarnassus, Troy etc. Our travel runs along the coast of ancients Lycia and Caria so we have opportunity to visit many of sights, including those that are available from the yacht only.

Also turkish feature is a great number of fishing restaurants that are scattered here and there between picturesque bays. In addition to dinner with fresh fish and with organic vegetables that grow near in kitchen-garden, these restaurants provide an free mooring for a night at a berth. Of course, these restaurants are designed for yachtsmen exclusively and available from seaside only.

We will go where you've never been. You will feeling a big difference between Turkey of hotels and Turkey of yachts. We will visit many natural and historical sights that are inaccessible by other way.
What is best time to yachting in Turkey?
Good time for yachting runs from April to November. All this time, except a high season in July and August, temperature of air and water is quite comfortable. In high season usually too hot.

Sailing in April

What service provided passengers yachts?
Yachts who we offer for travel are not only the transport, but also the quite comfortable habitation. Three passenger cabins are equipped with double beds. Aboard have a water closet, a galley (a gas cooker with necessary kitchen accessories), and a warm shower with fresh water. Amount of latter however is limited.

This equipment allows to spend a charter week fully autonomously in marine adventures, in tours to remote peninsulas and islands and in comfortable recreation. If you will have an interest to take part of sailing like a deckhand and  a helmsman - you will get this possibility after minimal learning.

We are staying overnight usually at anchor in one of bays or at berth near one of fishermen's restaurants. 
Boats equipped with a full set of rescue equipment and necessary  means of communication.
Turkey has one of the most powerful in the world infrastructure for recreation on yachts. There are many well-equipped marinas, perhaps the best into the Mediterranean. In them can get additional services, for example a laundry. If you need this we can sometimes go for a night to one of the marinas. But it will be cost extra money. 

If you would like to travel on larger and therefore more expensive  monohull yachts and on catamarans  we can offer that. 

Also we can organize at the request sailing in Greece, in the Caribbean, in Seychelles, in Maldives, in Thailand, in Indonesia and in any other places.

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