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Sailing along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey

We will to sunbathe and to swim — near to the coast and at kilometer depths. We will to diving and to fishing. We will meet with dolphins and with giant turtles. Every night we will stay the night in a new beautiful place. Every morning we will wait for new discoveries and romance of sailing. Everybody those interested can learn to helm the yacht, operate with sails and become a real team members.

You will make acquaintance with a Turkish version of Mediterranean cooking in fisher restaurants that are only available from the yacht and also in the captain's performance.

Coasts along our routes abound with unique bays and picturesque islands. They are thickly strewn with natural good places and historical monuments of many ages and civilizations.

Our trip continues during the week from Saturday to Friday and run from April to November in Turkey
a country with a modern infrastructure, a developed services and hospitable population. Transport connections with Turkey is inexpensive, for entrance no need a visa.

Our routes begin and end in Marmaris.

Cost of sailing trip 
from € 3600 for crew, excluding airfare. It depends on chosen yachts (33 to 51 ft) and the season. Crew include up to 10 participants.

In addition to the sailing trip we offer hiking one of the world's most famous routes
Lycian way. Also we offer tours in jeeps (SUV) and/or off-road motorcycles.

If you are looking for unusual experiences if you enjoy freedom, adventure, discovery and opportunity to become a sailor for a while on a sailboat. If you like a comfortable family vacation with children, but you tired of the monotony of hotels and beaches. If you like to vacation with friends. If you are looking for an unusual way of corporate rest, coaching or training
in all these cases we have something to offer for you.

No worries
all preparations and security we can organize. You only need to decide for this trip, provide information, pay and collect your things.

Yacht charter and buying tickets require premature action. Therefore, the minimum period for request
4 weeks before the expected start. But preferably still have to prepare a 2-3 month.

A company representative: Olexa Pylypenko
mail: olexarider@gmail.com
skype: olexa.pylypenko
phone: +380674207596, +380959120575